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Odyssey n° 060 - 45 min

created by guest, 07/10/2020

needed items : trainers and comfortable clothes

1. instruction 055 - 1 min
For one minute, try and exaggerate yor gait : either move your hips too much or walk in quick time.
2. instruction 036 - 7 min
Collect the litter.
3. instruction 053 - 2 min
Do as you please for 2 minutes, but try and avoid walking on the pavement joins.
4. instruction 063 - 4 min
Print the following document and stick it on the house in front of which you'll find yourself when the bell shall ring.
5. instruction 002 - 5 min
Follow your way but adjust your step to the rythm of the music.
6. instruction 034 - 10 min
Send a postcard to a friend.
7. instruction 030 - 3 min
Cross the street and walk in your own footsteps.
8. instruction 024 - 3 min
Look at one of the vehicles parked on your way. Try and imagine its driver by gathering the relevant clues : a sticker on the rear window, an object inside, a piece of decoration hanging from the rear-view mirror.
9. instruction 048 - 3 min
The choice of itinerary is yours for 3 minutes but keep a jogger's pace.
10. instruction 012 - 5 min
Take any form of public transport for 3 stops.
11. instruction 060 - 1 min
During this Odyssey, your dog will change name to Kiki. Unless its real name is already Kiki, in which case, you'll go for Ulan Bator. Try to reward him with a loud voice. If you lack inspiration, print this reprimand first : « Kiki, don't you remember yesterday's decision... I'm very disappointed Kiki. And don't look at me with this sorry face, it won't make things any better. So many sacrifices and that's all you do to me... You'll be punished for that. »
12. instruction 069 - 1 min
On this Odyssey, buy something whose value is more than 1,1 euro and less than 1,4.

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