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Odyssey n° 059 - 44 min

created by guest, 27/08/2019

1. instruction 067 - 5 min
Turn left as soon as you can. From then on, you'll alternate left and right. Walk on the even side of the street after making a left turn, and on the odd side after making a right turn.
2. instruction 008 - 5 min
Let the dog pull on the leash and submit yourself to its preferences.
3. instruction 003 - 2 min
Follow your way. Whistle or sing a familiar tune, discreetly or more expressively, according to your wishes.
4. instruction 015 - 2 min
At the next fork, take left, or the most left among the available possibilities.
5. instruction 005 - 3 min
Try and visualize the sun's position. Walk in the opposite direction for a few minutes. Obviously, nothing should prevent you from wandering around if it helps following the main goal.
6. instruction 022 - 10 min
Find a comfortable place to sit down. Sit down and think of your last trip abroad.
7. instruction 028 - 3 min
Take a chalk and draw or write a messge on the ground, which could be easily seen by the next passers-by.
8. instruction 064 - 4 min
Each time, you'll get to a crossroad, throw the dice. A 1 or a 2 means left, a 3 or a 4 straight ahead, a 5 or a 6, right. If the crossroad offers more possibilities, find a new code.
9. instruction 032 - 6 min
Look at your watch. Point the little hand straight in front of you. The big hand shows you a direction you'll follow as well as possible.
10. instruction 060 - 1 min
During this Odyssey, your dog will change name to Kiki. Unless its real name is already Kiki, in which case, you'll go for Ulan Bator. Try to reward him with a loud voice. If you lack inspiration, print this reprimand first : « Kiki, don't you remember yesterday's decision... I'm very disappointed Kiki. And don't look at me with this sorry face, it won't make things any better. So many sacrifices and that's all you do to me... You'll be punished for that. »
11. instruction 069 - 1 min
On this Odyssey, buy something whose value is more than 1,1 euro and less than 1,4.
12. instruction 059 - 1 min
Put sun cream and get your skin hydrated.
13. instruction 068 - 1 min
Pick up an object during this Odyssey. Bring it back home and highlight it.

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