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Odyssey n° 058 - 45 min

created by guest, 11/05/2013

1. instruction 060 - 1 min
During this Odyssey, your dog will change name to Kiki. Unless its real name is already Kiki, in which case, you'll go for Ulan Bator. Try to reward him with a loud voice. If you lack inspiration, print this reprimand first : « Kiki, don't you remember yesterday's decision... I'm very disappointed Kiki. And don't look at me with this sorry face, it won't make things any better. So many sacrifices and that's all you do to me... You'll be punished for that. »
2. instruction 038 - 2 min
Say hello to a group of unknown people.
3. instruction 067 - 5 min
Turn left as soon as you can. From then on, you'll alternate left and right. Walk on the even side of the street after making a left turn, and on the odd side after making a right turn.
4. instruction 019 - 7 min
Try and find a spot with a nice view. Go there and enjoy the sight for 1 or 2 minutes.
5. instruction 034 - 10 min
Send a postcard to a friend.
6. instruction 039 - 3 min
Express an inner thought with a loud voice, or scream it if you feel capable to do so.
7. instruction 061 - 5 min
Print this document and try to adapt you route to what's written on it.
8. instruction 006 - 3 min
Follow the direction of the first red vehicle you come across. If you see it turn, take the same direction. If you lose sight of the vehicle, follow the last direction you've seen it take.
9. instruction 026 - 6 min
Choose the route which, you think, leads to the liveliest part of the neighbourhood you're in.
10. instruction 047 - 3 min
For 3 minutes, make up your itinerary as if you were someone with reduced mobility. Try not to take any direction that would be impossible with a wheelchair.

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